Suzanne Flynn


Suzanne Flynn is a native Oregonian.  She grew up in Southern Oregon and moved to Portland to attend college.  The one constant in her life has been her art.

Suzanne's themes are disparity and convergence. Her work combines dissimilar and opposing colors, shapes, lines, and texture. Negative space repeats events in the positive space and becomes a cohesive statement. She approaches her work in both a spontaneous and contemplative manner.  Images and impressions taken from her minds eye are applied to canvas or board. The images shape and develop as she pauses to absorb the effect and then move even deeper into the subject. Her work is in both two and three dimensional.  She paints in acrylics and adds texture with other media such as paper or stressed cloth.  She also creates bowl-shaped three-dimensional pieces consisting of paper, wire, and polymer.  


Trolley Barn Artists - A Women's Collection. 2008-2010                                                           Talisman Gallery. 2010-2013


"Details" November-December 2008.  Trolley Barn Artists

"Nuance" May-July 2009. Trolley Barn Artists

Featured Local Artist, Macadam Frame Central, October 2009

"where WE are" April-June 2010 Trolley Barn Artists

Suzanne Flynn & Cibyl Kavan, Talisman Gallery Member Show, 2011

Artist's Vision Juried Show, Lakewood Festival of the Arts, June 2011

Cracked Pots Art Show (Juried), July 19 & 20, 2011

Fahrenheit 1476, Talisman Gallery, July 2011

"100 Pieces of Art on the Wall", Talisman Gallery, December 2011

Suzanne Flynn & Ken Walker, Talisman Gallery Member Show, April 2012

2012 Juried Art Exhibit, Gresham Art Committee, June-August 2012

Open Studios, Portland Storage, June 7, 2013

"In her mind's eye", Suzanne Flynn & Susan Cunningham, Talisman Gallery Member Show, June-July 2013

Fire & Water (Juried), Lakewood Festival of Arts, June 2014

Artist's Vision Juried Show, Lakewood Festival of Arts, June 2015

Gallery 114: Jan.2016-Winter 2016 Juried Show

"Under the Influence", Architectural Heritage Center, Portland, June-July 2016

"Nod to Mod", Dab Art, Ventura, CA  Dec. 9, 2017 to Feb. 4, 2018